The first ever bicycle race held in Indonesia was the Tour de Java, on August, 17-30 August 1958 with total distance of 1,262 km. It was organized to commemorate the Independence Day of Republic of Indonesia. 

The inaugural event took 12 days to complete, had 11 stages from Bandung to Surabaya then return to Bandung, joined by more than 70 riders. The winner of Tour de Java I was Munaip Saleh, with a total time of 46 hours, 51 minutes, 0.4 seconds.

According to recorded history, this bicycle racing event was the first in Asia and therefore Indonesia was named as one of the pioneers of cycling race in Asia region. Along the years, Tour de Java gained more popularity and joined by overseas team, then gradually evolved into Tour de ISSI and eventually Tour d’Indonesia. 

Year 2018 marked the birth of a new era as Tour d’Indonesia made a return after seven years hiatus. The event returned as a 2.1 UCI Class event to be the highest event in Indonesia. In its return, 15 teams, comprised of 12 UCI Continental teams and three national teams, took part in the event. 

The event had four stages with slightly more than 600 kilometres in total distance from Yogyakarta to Bali. In 2019, the Tour d’Indonesia continue to be part of the UCI Asia Tour and it will be bigger with five stages and more than 800 kilometres in distances.